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Established in 1998,the Minargroup is a national enterprise headquartered in India, comprising over 5operating companies in four business sectors: engineering, materials, services,energy. The group has operation mainly in South India, and its companies exportproducts and services. Each Minar Company activates independently underthe guidance and supervision of its Managing Director Mr.A.Muhammed Shafi.


Minar companies include MinarAlloys and Forgings Pvt Ltd, Minar Ispat PvtLtd, Minar Castings Pvt Ltd, Minar Renewable Energy Projects Pvt Ltd and Anappuram Steels Pvt Ltd all of which are ISO 9001:2015 [Quality Management System], ISO 14001:2015 [Environmental Management System], ISO 50001:2011 [Energy Management System], ISO 18001:2007[Occupational Health & Safety Management System] and Bureau Of Indian Standard [ISI] Certified.


Many Minar Companies have achieved leadership in their business. For instance, Minar Ispat Pvt Ltd is the only company in India having Tempcore Certification from the Center De Recherche Metallurgiques [CRM-Belgium] for Fe-500 D TMT Steel Bars. Minar TMT Fe-500D Tempcore brand is attaining international recognition. Minar Renewable Energy Projects Pvt Ltd is the first company in small hydro project in Malabar, South India. Minar Alloys and Forgings Pvt Ltd and Minar Castings Pvt Ltd are among the top three best steel makers in Kerala.


The Minar name has been esteemed for more than 18 years for its adherence to strong values and group has always believed in returning wealth to the society it serves. Fastened invalues and strong ethics, Minar companies are building multinational businesses that will achieve growth through excellence and innovation, while balancing the interests of shareholders, employees and civil society. Based on the performance of all Minar Group companies over the years, the Minar brand has come to rice for quality, trust, business leadership, the highest ethical standards and respect for all its stakeholders.


Minar also provide aid, assistance to non-governmental organization working in the areas of education,health care and livelihoods. Minar Companies also undertake a wide range of social welfare activities, especially at the location of their operation.


Stepping forward, Minarcompanies are building multinational business that differentiate themselvesthrough customer-relation, innovation, entrepreneurship, trustworthiness andvalues-driven business operation, while justifying the interests of various stakeholdersincluding shareholders, employees and civil society.


Our vision is to operate with utmost professionalism, with honesty and integrity in all that we do and to delight our customers with superior quality produce. We strive to achieve our vision through predetermined values and ethics and we relentlessly review operations in accordance. We value our suppliers.


Minar Group has always tried to keep up our promise of providing quality TMT steel bars and other products using the latest technology available. We have been awarded the TEMPCORE Certified from CRM, Belgium, which is one of the toughest quality standards in the steel industry.

Our quality control is always alert and keep abreast of the latest developments and innovations, So that's a good control and excellent product quality is assured. This strict adherence to quality and product detail has made us receive numerous awards and recognitions.

The exclusive Tempcore process delivers the world’s best quality steel bars. This was developed by Centre Rechaerche Metallugiques (CRM), Belgium in the 1970s. Minar Ispat is authorized by CRM as manufacturer of Tempcore steel bars of International standards adhering to all quality norms. Minar Ispat is the first licensee in India to produce a Tempcore steel bar of Grade Fe 500D.

Chairman's Message

In this exciting movement, when our company has attained a significant position in the industry, I'm delighted to share with you the various Achievements, Awards, Products, Technology that the group has attained over the last two decades.

"We Minargroup Committed To Manufacture And Supply, Quality Product Optimum Ecomic Price By Energy Efficient Process, Environment Protection, continual Improvement, Adopting New Technics And Trainings. "Minar Group Of Companies" Manufacture And Supply Of MINAR TMT 500D TEMPCORE & Steel Ingots is Committed to satisfying the customers through Energy performance improvement.


I' m delighted to share with you the various Achievements. Awards. Products Technology that the Group has attained.

Our business principle is to delight our stakeholders you, our consumers dealers, investors and our employers with more than they expect. Back in 1995, we made a very humble entry as steel manufacturer and today we have evolved into a highly reputed brand name in the industry. I'm indeed proud of our achievements and we are here simply because of our 'no compromise' quality approach in all that we do.

Managing Director


Driven by integrity, inspired by understandings. forced by experiences, with an urge excellence we stand committed to deliver your thoughts. strengthening your dreams.

With a vision as high as the sky. Minor Group steadily expands its brand portfolio, product line and distribution network. The Group envisage to explore new horizons that will enable its to serve the nation and society better. We strive to achieve our vision through predetermined values and ethics and we relentlessly review operation in accordance. We value our suppliers, our customer, our environment and furthermore our people. We strictly adhere to environmental and safety policies and are repeatedly awarded for excellence in pollution . control and safety.

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