Every event at or in the banner of Minar becomes an inspiring memory as it all organized with a great sense of commitment and exceptional team spirit.

Staff & Career

Ever since our inception, Minar group of companies has been driven ahead by the exception commitment of our Human resource.Minar Group all believes that our Dedicated Crew is the greatest asset of the organization, and thus we are always on lookout for passionate new talents who can be nurtured to grow & develop with us to set benchmarks ahead.

We provide a platform to perfom and become real pearls in their respective Professional Verticals.

Social Commitment

Believing in the philosophy of humanity and social coexistence, the management of Minar group of Companies has always being passionate and generous enough to serve the society with their mission to extend an aid to the needy and deserving to accomplish their vision of social equality and harmonious co existence of all fellow beings. Saying aloud that they are not only successful business people ,they are great social mentors too with a fleet of cultural ,social and economical commitments enjoyed by the lay man population of their society in various walks of life.

Their renowned sectors of social commitments are especially in the fields such as Educational Support Services, Charity Activities, Health care & Emergency Support Services, Cultural ,Sports & Arts Symposiums, Eco friendly SocialActivities.